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Rheumatology Fellow Education Fund

We are asking for your help to support the continuation of the Carolinas Fellows Collaborative (CFC) Conferences, a collaboration of the rheumatology training programs from Duke University, the Medical University of South Carolina, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Wake Forest University.  The CFC started in 2004 as a joint effort between the four institutions to further fellow education, and has become so much more.

Fellows have had the opportunity to amplify their training by becoming a member of a peer group comprised of rheumatology fellows from other institutions to compare notes, discuss challenging cases, and access information when patients switch institutions.

Fellows have also collaborated on scholarly projects that have resulted in an oral presentation at the ACR meeting in 2011 and a poster at the 2013 meeting.  The collaboration has led to faculty development: as program directors we together wrote a curriculum for rheumatology training programs that has been published and adopted by the ACR.  The CFC has led to program enhancements that have brought the Carolinas Fellowship programs into the national spotlight as model programs for success in rheumatology education!

Unfortunately, the CFC conferences are in jeopardy due to the loss of traditional funding sources.

As corporate sponsorship rules have changed in this new economic climate, it has become more and more difficult to fund this innovative program through our corporate partnerships as we have done in the past.  We have collectively worked to manage the costs of the program in light of declining funding, reducing the overall cost of a conference to around $5,000.  Our costs include cadavers for teaching joint injections, travel, lodging, and food.  All talks are given by faculty volunteers without reimbursement as our budget no longer allows for outside speakers.

For the past few years, we have dipped into our respective divisional operating expenses and personal discretionary accounts to cover the costs of the program, but we will not be able to continue this in the future.  The CFC conference is vital to the education and training of rheumatology fellows and we are dedicated to securing the future of this important conference.

Would you please consider making a gift to support the future of this innovative and impactful conference. The funds will be used to support the conference and to send fellows from UNC, Duke and Wake-Forest.  The South Carolina Rheumatology Association gives funds that help sponsor the fellows from MUSC for the conference.

We suggest a donation of $250 – $500.  It is our hope that we will raise enough money to fund the program for a year or two while we continue to explore funding options.

To donate to the fund by credit card please click on the donation link below. If you wish to donate by check please make the check payable to NCRA, in the memo line write CFC, and mail to NCRA, 341 S. College Rd Ste 11 (PMB 2046), Wilmington, NC 28403.


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