AbbVie Patient Support Resources

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  • Websites for providers
    • (more rheumatology related)
    • 1-877-complete
  • Goal is exceptional patient experience
    • Ambassador role expanded – emotional impact for patient
    • No planned disruption in patients obtaining drug (COVID-19)
  • Help for patients
    • Rinvoq and Humira Complete apps for patients (app store for Apple and Android)
    • and for patient information
    • 1-800-4humira, 1-800-2rinvoq for patients
  • Help for patients our of work because of COVID19 – click here
  • Help for office staff
    • (web-based portal for benefit verifications, check on status, portable) works with current platforms
    • Reps can contract us in various ways during pandemic, virtual lunches now approved
    • Samples can be shipped upon request
    • Home health for teaching is currently not offered due to COVID-19




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